MM2 Script (Murder Mistery 2) – Latest July 2024

Murder Mystery 2, developed by Nikilis, is a popular Roblox game where players must unravel mysteries and survive each round. In the game, innocents try to escape and hide from the murderer, while detectives use their skills to uncover the killer’s identity.

If you play as the Sheriff, you can collaborate with the innocents to apprehend the murderer because you possess a weapon. Meanwhile, the murderer’s goal is to eliminate all the innocents and avoid getting shot by the Sheriff. Additionally, you can collect and trade numerous knives to assist in your role. With the MM2 Script GUI, you’ll have access to various tools and features to help reveal the murderer, making your job easier.

What Is MM2 Script?

An MM2 Script is essentially a piece of code that, when executed through a Roblox script executor, generates the MM2 Script GUI for the Murder Mystery 2 game.

There are various scripts available for the Roblox Murder Mystery game, and Vynixu’s MM2 script is one of them. When executed, this script provides users with a range of features, including Murderer ESP, Sheriff ESP, Coin Farm (x40), Gun Grabber, Fly (L), Noclip (B), Kill All, and more.

Additional features of the script include setting the walk speed in WS input format, setting jump power, teleporting to the lobby or Sheriff, and more.

Some MM2 scripts also help players with issues like lag or crashing, offer features like Highlight ESP and Chams, and provide the ability to unlock all skins in the game. By using these features, players gain a significant advantage in exposing the murderer and saving the innocents.

Download Working MM2 Scripts GUI Pastebin Hacks

Script 1: MM2 script.Very nice and functional. It has functions: Murder ESP and Sherif ESP, Fly, set speed and


Script 2: Murder Mystery 2 Script Pastebin 2023 Auto Farm Beach Ball | Coin | Kill All | Aimbot | Invisible

loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()
loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()

Script 3: Murder Mistery 2 Unlock All Skins Script/Silent Aim Script

local WeaponOwnedRange = {

local DataBase, PlayerData = getrenv()._G.Database, getrenv()._G.PlayerData

local newOwned = {}

for i,v in next, DataBase.Item do
newOwned[i] = math.random(WeaponOwnedRange.min, WeaponOwnedRange.max) -- newOwned[Weapon]: ItemCount

local PlayerWeapons = PlayerData.Weapons

game:GetService("RunService"):BindToRenderStep("InventoryUpdate", 0, function()
PlayerWeapons.Owned = newOwned

game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.Health = 0

How To Execute MM 2 Scripts on Mobile & PC?

Here’s how to execute MM2 Roblox scripts on your mobile device or personal computer:

  1. Start by downloading and installing a Roblox script executor on your device. We recommend you Download Hydrogen Executor.
  2. Launch the Roblox exploit and, if it has a key system, verify it with the provided key.
  3. Enter your Roblox account details into the executor and click the login button.
  4. Select the game “Murder Mystery 2” from the executor.
  5. Download the Murder Mystery 2 Roblox scripts from our website or copy the displayed script codes and paste them into the executor.
  6. Click the “Run” or “Execute” button to run the pasted script on your device.

With these steps, you should be all set to use the scripts for the Murder Mystery 2 game. If you encounter any issues with the shared scripts, feel free to let us know through your comments on this page.